Company Profile

Shigawake Organics Ltd. is family owned and operated; what was begun as a joint initiative between 4 brothers now encompasses 2 family generations who take great pride in offering quality products and services.

Shigawake Organics Ltd. has been producing premium quality compost and potting mixes since 1985. Our continuing commitment over 35 years has been the development of high quality 100% organic and natural compost and potting mixes.

Our products and services find their roots in the traditional resource based economy of Atlantic coastal areas. For generations, local farmers have practiced the natural rejuvenation of their lands using manure and fish to return essential elements and minerals to the soil. Our composting processes have developed this practice further, using nature’s ingredients to create high quality organic and natural compost and potting mixes.

In 1995, following 10 years of research and product development, Shigawake Organics introduced its SEAGRO® products to retail markets in Eastern Quebec. Today, SEAGRO® products are retailed internationally in the USA. In Canada, SEAGRO® products are distributed in  Quebec and New Brunswick.

Recently Shigawake Organics Ltd. has expanded its line to include several new and diversified products. Each addition is in keeping with our commitment to offering our customers premium quality products and services. These products find their origins in Eastern Canada’s unique bounty of natural forest resources. Coupled with unique design and quality craftsmanship each product offers a sample of the beauty that nature has to offer.